Interview with Shenwei

I was interviewed by Shenwei as part of their series on Taiwanese-American writers! You can see it here.

Thanks so much for the interview! It was a lot of fun.


About codenameminali

I feel like I don't fit into this world, so I'm trying to create my own.
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3 Responses to Interview with Shenwei

  1. Great interview, Mina!

  2. Hi Mina! I’m curious about what your thoughts about wuxia in first person.
    I’ve been trying to write a wuxia/xianxia in English trying to catch a unique voice.
    Can you tell me what you think of my writing? Typing in hopes of some advice from someone who’s published!
    Thank you!!

    • I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that. There are other writers/writing coaches who do offer editing/critiques, and you might want to give them a try. Thank you for understanding.

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