Year-End Award Eligibility Post

Gah, it has been a while.

Um. So. Relationship imploded this year, but I did get a new place, and was very lucky to do so, considering even my new neighbors knew about how gorgeous it was. Housing market is such that you have to act very, very fast. I love it, though, how I can walk in and feel immediately more peaceful within minutes. It’s pretty great.

Despite the hectic year, I did have two pieces published!

1.“Of Peach Trees and Coral-Red Roses,” published in the Summer issue of Kaleidotrope. A retelling of Tam Lin, with a fantasy! Chinese princess. This story started out as a request from a good friend, and a few years later, I took a look at it and decided that it’d be pretty darned great on its own. It’s changed a lot from its previous incarnation–before, the peach tree wasn’t such a major role–but thanks to Rachel Poutasse, one of my beta readers, it really became a star in the end, and I liked it a lot better, considering Kairu doesn’t just resort to iron, like she did in earlier drafts, but uses what she knows from home to defeat the Faerie Queen. It was a nice way of having her keep her culture to save a loved one.

2.”Dreaming Keys,” published in the anthology An Alphabet of Embers. This was my first published story, and once again, had it not been for Rose Lemberg, the editor, and their encouragement, the story would never have happened. Originally it was part of a birthday scrapbook for Ben Whishaw from the fandom, but since I’m not particularly good at making graphics, I figured a story would do. When the call for submissions from AoE came out, it was Rose who encouraged me to submit and not self-reject. I have to admit, at the time I was at a loss about whether or not I even had anything that would fit, until I remembered “Dreaming Keys,” and went for a revisit.

I want to write notes on both stories later (about diaspora and fighting your own biases/cultural standards for “Peach Trees,” and the use of hanzi and reworking an old idea into something completely new for “Dreaming Keys”), but for now, here is the post! Enjoy!


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I feel like I don't fit into this world, so I'm trying to create my own.
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