On Bravery

I feel like I don’t have enough for a Year in Review here when it comes to blog posts, but on the other hand, a lot did happen in 2014 when it came to writing.

I started thinking seriously about submitting around 2013, although like almost every writer, I’d been writing longer before that (Seriously, I have a story I wrote when I was thirteen that was going to be a novel. To this day, I still can’t look at it). A lot of it was motivated by anger, admittedly, or as Ken Liu said when announcing his novel, reacting against things. Unfortunately, 2013 wasn’t exactly productive, because real life got hectic, but also because I spent way too much time talking about the stories I had in mind instead of actually writing them.

So when 2014 started, I made a resolution to stop talking about writing, sit down, and actually write. And then actually submit, which was the hardest part.

It seems to have gone well so far. My first submission was to Writers of the Future in January, and then to an anthology in June, followed by another one in July, yet another in August, and then magazines starting in September. My last submission for this year was sent in late December, and I got the rejection yesterday.

Speaking of rejections, with the exception of Alphabet of Embers, the submissions were rejected, but out of them, two were personal. Maybe I’m on the right track. AoE is out in 2015, and while I’m resubmitting two previously rejected stories, I’ve got two more that are bouncing around in drafts, and at least three or four that are in my story bank. And all the while, it makes me really happy, because wow, guys, I’m actually doing it.

And it’s huge for me because if you asked me a few years ago, it would have just been a pipe dream. Because I wasn’t really brave enough to put myself out there. The idea of being rejected, or never making it, scared me (which isn’t good because as I’ve learned, almost everything gets rejected anyway). So maybe this isn’t a big deal for some, but if I had to put down one big thing that happened in 2014, it wouldn’t be just the acceptance (although that’s a big deal in and of itself), but it’s the fact that I finally managed to get the guts to put myself out there.

So here’s to 2015, with more productivity, and hopefully more of my stuff out there.


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I feel like I don't fit into this world, so I'm trying to create my own.
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